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Bay to Breakers: Dealing with Exposure

This past Sunday, thousands of San Franciscans dressed in quirky costumes crowded the city streets, drinking and laughing, to participate in the 101st Bay to Breakers race. 

This year I started a little late. After dressing up in my finest unicorn attire with my partner in crime Julio Cortez (@juliocortez), we hopped on the N Judah around 9:30 and hurried toward the crowds. It was actually a nice change to start walking at the half point of the race, near Hayes and Piece, instead of walking the entire seven miles. 

As soon as we marched over the crest of the hill, we were bombarded by a sea of people all pushing, shoving, walking and partying at the same time. We had an awesome gold frame with us, so we immediately started finding our favorite costumes and took pictures.

I used my new iPhone 4 to take the pictures, but realized after I got home, that there were a few technical problems. Here are a few tips on taking photos with your iPhone during daytime events: 

  • REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR PHONE CASE OFF -  I had a purple rubber case on my iPhone 4 when I was shooting. The glare from sun hitting my case, gave many of my photos a purple glow or ring. 
  • TAP FOR EXPOSURE - It is hard to see the iPhone screen in direct daylight, so when you are taking photos, setting the exposure is often difficult. If you can see the screen well enough, tap the area of the photo that you want to set the exposure for. Sometimes you have to tap a few different areas to find the right setting, but it can turn a dark shot into something useable.
  • TURN THE BRIGHTNESS LEVEL TO HIGH - If you don’t have the brightness setting on high, it will be difficult to asses the true exposure of your photos. Your photos may seem dark, when they are actually perfect. This will quickly drain your battery, so if you are an avid mobile photographer, a battery-powered charger or charge case is a must have.
  • GET CREATIVE - Everyone is going to have similar shots. To set your photos apart, use a fun prop or try unsual angles. Instead of going for overall crowd shots, try close ups of laughing faces. Keep your style consistent whatever you do. If you are going to shoot black and white portraits, stick to it.

See you all next year ; )